Whisker Biscuit Killshot, Octane Hostage, Bodoodle Zapper 300: Three affordable and super high quality hunting rests

I’ve tried all three of these rests over the past 6 months and I like all of them and think any one of them would work great for hunting.  That being said, the only one I’ve hunted with is the Octane Hostage and it has performed without a hitch.

Despite my previous success with the Octane Hostage, and my appreciation for the qualities of the Bodoodle Zapper, I have to say (like many before me) I prefer the Whisker Biscuit Killshot.

Here are some of my reasons.

1) Ease of setup:  Centershot and Vertical adjustment capabilities.  This makes the rest easy to paper tune.  You don’t have to adjust your nock, just the rest.  The Whisker biscuit has clear hash marks for keeping track of your adjustments.  Paper tuning is of course, not always the “final answer” when it comes to tuning.  That being said, on my G5 Quest Smoke a perfect bullet hole on paper, matched with G5 Montecs broadheads, has my field points and broadheads hitting within 1 to 2 inches of one another.

2)  Wide range of arrow use:  I have found that I can use a broader range of arrows with my Whisker Biscuit as opposed to the Bodoodle or the Hostage.  If I have a fletching that is odd or glued on imperfectly, it still seems to shoot nicely out of the Whisker Biscuit.  It seems that when I use the other two rests, not matter how much tuning or adjusting of nocks I do, I still have 3 or 4 arrows out of a dozen that always fail to group as tight as I would like.  However, this could perhaps be fixed with better more expensive arrows.

3)  Noise:  I’ve found the Whisker Biscuit is much quieter both on the draw and release, than these other two rests.  I am more concerned with noise on the draw than on the release and the Whisker Biscuit Killshot is super quiet.  The Octane Hostage is pretty good as well and the Bodoodle Zapper can be silenced using Plastidip or the rubber silencers you can purchase.

4)  Full Capture:  I’ve never had an arrow slip off my Hostage rest, but I’ve heard some stories about these rests failing if you let the brushes get too worn (so if you use a Hostage then change the brushes when they get worn…duh).  The Bodoodle Zapper holds the arrow better than a prong rest, but the arrow can be knocked out of the rest pretty easily.  Of course, in the Whisker Biscuit that arrow isn’t going anywhere.

5)  Durability:  Inevitably you will have to change out your Whisker Biscuit, but not as often as you will have to change your brushes on the Octane Hostage.  The Hostage brushes get a bad wrap I think.  If your arrows are tuned properly, I bet you can get at least a year out of one set of brushes, and that’s a year of shooting 3 to 4 times a week (50 to 60 arrows per session).  Replacement brushes are cheap and easy to come by.  That being said, there is still a lot more room for Murphy to rear his head when using the Hostage, as opposed to the Whisker biscuit because of the lifespan of these brushes.  The Bodoodle is super durable and if properly taken care of will last forever I bet.

Again, I like all three rests.  I think the Bodoodle may be the most capable of shooting super tight groups, but that is if you are shooting higher end arrows with great fletching jobs etc, etc.  I’ve also found the Hostage is extremely accurate and consistent.  But honestly, I’ve never seen much of a difference in accuracy with the Whisker Biscuit and it is very capable of 2 to 3 in. groups at 40 yards with G5 Montecs (I haven’t shot any further than that with broadheads).

Here’s a field test for you:  Grab a half dozen “entry level” arrows (Victory V600) and shoot all of them out of each of the three rests and see which rest gives you the most consistent groupings.

Any questions?

Kill Shot Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

BoDoodle Zapper 300 Arrow Rest, Right Hand, Black.

The Bodoodle Zapper 300 goes for about 40 bucks at http://www.bowhunterssuperstore.com/bodoodle-zapper-arrow-rest-right-hand-black-p-1866466.html?osCsid=bc2fd2d21d4086b052294ae5be73fdc3

The Octane Hostage goes for about 40 bucks at http://www.huntersfriend.com/products/arrow_rests/hostage.html

The Whisker Biscuit Killshot goes for about 50 bucks at http://www.lancasterarchery.com/trophy-ridge-whisker-biscuit-kill-shot-rest.html


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