Announcing: “All Things .22 Caliber”

So I had such a good time writing about the Top Three .22 Rifles for Every Situation: I’ve decided to start a blog entirely devoted to .22 Caliber Rifles and Pistols.

The best I can come up with right now is “All Things .22 Caliber”.

I’ll be writing about the history of the .22 Rifle, doing gun and equipment reviews, talking about small game hunting, survival situations, and the assassination of cans and bottles.

Personally, I think the .22 is about the best thing going.  It’s a great introductory rifle/pistol but it’s also a rifle that has multiple applications for the seasoned shooter/hunter, not the least of which is inexpensive target practice.  It’s a great rifle to pass on to  your daughter or son as you introduce them to hunting or rifle marksmanship.  What’s more you can purchase a .22 rifle that will last you a lifetime for a mere 150 to 200 dollars.

So, I hope all comers will find the information herein helpful, interesting and fun.

First official post forthcoming….The Savage Mk II vs. the Marlin XT

Model XT-22


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    Announcing: “All Things .22 Caliber” | All Things Shooting and Hunting

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